As part of its systematic efforts to bring to an end all meaningful mitigation measures against COVID-19, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly released new infection control guidance for health care settings on Friday evening with hardly a mention of it in the media. The taciturn announcements on late Friday nights have become standard for the CDC’s disclosure of unpopular and unscientific policies.

CBS Newsbroke the story on Friday evening, reporting, “Outside of communities seeing ‘high’ levels of COVID-19 transmission, the CDC has ended a blanket plea for Americans in hospitals and nursing homes to wear masks indoors. The change, one of many published Friday evening to the agency’s guidance for COVID-19 infection control for healthcare workers, marks one of the final sets of revisions in a sweeping effort launched in August to overhaul the CDC’s recommendations for the virus.”

The guidelines now allow health care settings located in regions with “substantial” or lower COVID-19 community transmission to “choose not to require universal source control,” meaning the use of N95 respirators or even well-fitting masks. Additionally, the guidelines are considered “recommendations.”

Outside of social media networks, there has been virtually no mention of these new directives. Neither CDC Director Rochelle Walensky nor CDC Senior Scientist Greta Massetti, who introduced last month’s sweeping changes to the public health agency’s COVID-19 guidance, has given any statements over the weekend. The bourgeois press has been silent on the issue, which it would be fair to assume they considered non-newsworthy and irrelevant. 

According to an anonymous source, approximately two weeks ago, during a medical department meeting at a US hospital, the chair informed the staff that the CDC would be introducing new directives to address ending guidance for universal masking in health care settings. While the CDC remained publicly silent on the matter, it informed health care systems of the forthcoming changes.

The lifting of masking recommendations in hospitals took place the same week that President Biden declared, “The pandemic is over. … Everyone seems to be in pretty good shape.” This succinctly expressed the policies being adopted by the country’s foremost public health agency, which has become an instrument of the state and no longer functions to protect the population from infectious diseases.

Friday’s announcement prompted a flood of opposition among scientists, workers and anti-COVID activists on social media, with many denouncing the CDC for its repeated malign efforts to dismiss the threat posed by the coronavirus and normalize death and debilitation of the population by these infections.

Professor of Evolutionary Biology T. Ryan Gregory tweeted, “I don’t know who SARS-CoV-2 has hired as a lobbyist, but they’re fantastic!”


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