San Francisco To End Monkeypox State Of Emergency

The emergency declaration, now due to end October 31, has been in place for about three months and comes as case counts drop to fewer than one per day. But in Nevada, the first Clark County death from monkeypox was reported. Meanwhile, Seattle had the worst air in the world for a second day.

Meanwhile, Seattle’s air quality continues to be a problem —

The Washington Post:
Why Seattle Air Quality Is The Worst In The World Two Days In A Row

It was the second day in a row that the city had the worst air quality on earth, beating out famously polluted cities such as Beijing and Delhi. Seattle’s air quality index, or AQI, reached over 240 on Wednesday and Thursday — a level defined as “very unhealthy” for all groups. It was hard to see the top of a building a block away, and people wore masks to protect themselves from particulates in the air and the acrid smell of smoke. (Osaka, 10/20)

On “active shooter” drills in Texas’ schools —

Texas Revamps ‘Active-Shooter’ Drills At K-12 Schools To Minimize Trauma

After Britt Kelly’s son participated in a lockdown drill two years ago in his Lamar, Texas, kindergarten class, he had nightmares and wet his bed. Now 8, he can sleep only with a light on. In August, Mary Jackson’s daughter, a kindergartner in Leander, asked her mom to put a “special lock” on her bedroom door to “keep bad adults out” in the wake of a separate lockdown drill. (Rayasam and DeGuzman, 10/21)

In other news from across the country —

Worker Who Lowered Vermont Town’s Fluoride For Years Resigns

Richmond water superintendent Kendall Chamberlin disclosed in his five-page resignation letter, submitted Monday, that fluoride levels have not been in the state-recommended range for over a decade — instead of nearly four years, as the state had recently disclosed. (Rathke, 10/21)

The New York Times:
This Minnesota Race Will Show The Potency Of Crime Vs. Abortion

Keith Ellison, the incumbent attorney general and a Democrat, insists that his bid for re-election will hinge on abortion, which remains legal in Minnesota. But his Republican challenger, Jim Schultz, says the contest is about public safety and what he argues are “extreme” policies that Ellison endorsed after the 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis — the aftermath of which Minnesota is still wrestling with. (Hounshell, 10/20)


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